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Chile Colorado is a family owned authentic Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Colorado Springs. Growing up  we remember driving  through the town of Colorado Springs enjoying the beautiful view of Pikes Peak.  Arriving at our Grandmother’s house, she would always say: “Come on in hijito and give me a hug, how have you been m’hijito? I hope really well!" This is the atmosphere Chile Colorado wants to bring to Colorado Springs, welcoming everyone with open arms just as our Grandmother always did.

Being raised in a close Hispanic family the food at the dinner table was always something to look forward to, especially when we were surrounded by family. The newer generation of our family is ready to work hard, serve and fulfill the legacy’s of our older generation. The goal at Chile Colorado is to make everyone feel welcome and to bring that good old fashioned home style food directly from our kitchen table to you, with the same experience that we felt growing up.

Our recipes have been carried from our grandparents to our parents, with a mix of  their personal experiences from cooking in the kitchen year to year. Our dishes rewind back to the 1970’s where our grandparents owned and operated two Mexican restaurants Pris & Ernie’s & El Matador. They specialized in serving authentic Mexican meals, and were members of the Latin American Business Association. We carry those memories with pride and will be bringing their recipes along with our own at Chile Colorado.

Chile Colorado’s mission is to be dedicated to the community of Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, we are here to serve you with the quality you deserve as a customer. We believe its our turn to open our doors to our community making sure everyone enjoys their dine in or to go experience with an authentic home style meal that can only be found in southern Colorado.


Come on in, how have you been? I hope really well! We truly hope you enjoy your experience with us, we are excited to serve you! 

Mission Statement

 Chile Colorado values Faith, Family, and Culture welcoming you to enjoy true southern Colorado Mexican food. 

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